December 31, 2008

Movie Night

With the kids out of school this week, we've been ancy to do something fun as a family. So, Jeni and I decided we would go to some movies we've been wanting to see. And did we ever. It took some careful planning, a few charts and maps and only one argument about shortcuts to successfully navigate our way, but we were able to squeeze in 3 consecutive movies. Our entire family caught the 5:15 Bedtime Stories, I left at about 6:15 to get us good seats for the 6:45 Valkyrie where Steve joined us (Jeni slipped out mid-movie to catch some of Twilight for the 3rd time), and then Joey and I stayed afterwards for the 9:15 Quantum of Solace. I can already hear your questions, so I will answer them for you.

Yes, we are crazy.

No, six hours worth of popcorn does not help your digestive system.

Yes, we bought tickets for each of the shows.

Yes, I got kicked out of Valkyrie before it started for arriving too early.

Yes, Bedtime Stories is a cute show. Small children will love it.

No, Quantum of Solace is not a cute show. Small children will not love it.

Yes, we had a great time.