December 10, 2008

A Christmas Carol

One of our annual holiday family traditions is going to Hale Theatre's "A Christmas Carol." There's just something about that play that brings us closer to the spirit of the season and we've enjoyed it as a family for many years. We went last week and had a great time. Hale's "Scrooge" is especially wonderful (pictured above) and does just as well as any of the movie version Scrooges. Speaking of the movie versions, I think we must own just about every one ever made but our collective favorite is the one starring Albert Finney.

The oddest one in our collection would have to be the Muppet version. I wonder how the Muppet franchise decides which movies they're going to do? Clearly there are some that just wouldn't make sense. Here would be our vote for the worst character pairings...

1. Animal as Yoda from Star Wars
2. Miss Piggy as Bella in Twilight
3. Kermit as the Joker in Dark Knight
4. Beaker as James Bond