December 17, 2008

14 Years

This week Jeni and I celebrate our 14 year anniversary. It seems like yesterday that we were married in the Salt Lake Temple and its been a wonderful whirlwind ever since. We've had countless moves, several health challenges, career changes and the like and yet I think we'd both agree that we are happier now and closer to each other than we have ever been. I am so grateful for Jeni as she has been patient with my many imperfections and has been merciful and forgiving to me, especially when I have deserved that kindness the least. I married well above me and am very fortunate to have found such an amazing wife and true best friend. Among the many things she has taught me these last 14 years, I cherish her counsel on what it means to be a Christian and I will be forever grateful for her example, never forced but always there.