November 23, 2008

On the House

Of the many great qualities that define Joey, two came together recently in an interesting way. Joey loves drinks - milkshakes, fruit slushes, virgin daquiris - you name it, he loves them! He also has an especially good memory. So good, in fact that he has been continually reminding me about a frozen chocolate drink I bought him at Starbucks nearly a year ago that spilled on the way home and about my promise to buy him another one. He also has been reminding me about the Sonic Reeses Milkshake I bought him about a month ago that I finished for him during his piano lesson without his express permission (one of my not so great qualities) and about my promise to buy him a new one. And, recently he wanted a "slushy" drink from 7-11 but I told him I'd only get him one if he could remember what it was called before we got home. He remembered "Slurpee" just in time and has been reminding me about that debt as well.

So, growing weary of his continual reminders and embarrased that I had not fulfilled my promises to him, I decided last week to surprise Joey with all three at the same time. It was a fun memory and I had to post this picture of Joey after tasting the Starbucks chocolate drink. It is "coffee free" but after seeing his face afterwards, I'm not so sure. Here are the before and after pictures. Judge for yourself!