November 12, 2008

Missionary Maddy

This week the youth in our ward had "Missionary Week." It started with a Fireside on Sunday and then all the youth and their families were invited to live like missionaries as much as possible during the week. That meant no tv, only wholesome music, scripture study, etc. We all participated and it has been a great week so far. One of the activities took place last night when the young men were paired off in two's and the young women were paired off also. Each companionship had been given a section of the "Preach My Gospel" manual to study and then last night they each visited a different home in the ward, shared a message from their section and then ate dinner with that family. Maddy went to a home with Brianna Beck, a Laurel, and had a great time. We thought it was a great idea! Sister Shearer - that has a nice ring to it!