November 29, 2008

LOTR Marathon

I am a huge "Lord of the Rings" fan. I've read the full series many times and thought the movie versions were brilliant. Jeni and I even attended a "Return of the King" midnight release party several years ago. Jeni's cousin Kara hosted a marathon party last year watching all 3 of the regular versions, so this year we thought we'd do the same but used the extended versions. That's right - all 11 hours worth! We hosted it today from 8am to 8pm and it was a great time! Though I wasn't used to sitting in one place for so long, this will definitely become an annual tradition. And, if Peter Jackson ends up producing or directing The Hobbit, it will likely turn into a 14 hour day. I can't wait! The picture above is the invitation we sent out. Mark your calendars now for the first Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2009!