October 17, 2008

Family Home Crazy

Several weeks ago we had some friends over for family home evening. After a great lesson by their 9th grade son and a warm bowl of chocolate soup (I've got to quit making that!), I was informed that one of our basement walls was "bubbling." I'd never heard of a wall doing that before so I wasn't sure what I'd find as I went downstairs. To my dismay, there was a leak behind one of our walls and it had caused the paint to start bubbling. We tried to figure out where it was coming from but all we could figure is that a water line had burst right above that area as it did seem isolated to that one spot. We called a neighbor friend over who owns a painting company and he referred us to a plumber friend who said he would come in the morning. We turned the water line off in the house, put down some towels and then walked our friends out to their car.

To their dismay, their car, parked right in front of our house, had been tagged with some red spray paint! They called the police and were informed that there had been several reports of the same thing that evening.

Well, all's well that ends well. Later that night our friends called with news that they had been able to get the paint off with some dish soap. And, the next morning the plumber came, cut through the sheetrock and found that the leak had been caused by a cap on a vent pipe that had fallen off. It was the same vent pipe that had been cut through and then capped when we finished our basement nearly 2 years ago. (Guess who capped the pipe.) Evidently when capping vent pipes, you're supposed to glue the cap as well as screw it shut. So for 2 years this pipe had been building up pressure, enough to slowly pop the cap off. Once the cap came off, the vent drained out. Thankfully, besides having to fix the sheetrock, the leak itself was an easy fix. Below is a picture of the pipe with the cap back on.

A crazy night to say the least! The moral of the story - park in the garage and glue your caps!