October 28, 2008

Clean Freak

I have a bad reputation, one I’ve completely earned, for cleaning up after others even when they’re not done with what I’m cleaning up. If you come over for dinner, you may find your glass in the sink even though you weren’t finished drinking out of it. You may find your plate there also, even though you weren’t finished eating. I know its rude and not very hospitable, but sometimes I fall back into this crazy “everything has to be clean” mode. Call it what you will – clean freak, OCD, or just annoying. You’re right on all three. I am working on it, I promise.

The latest "situation" happened this last weekend. Maddy, notorious for leaving her things all over the place, had been eating some Red Hots in the kitchen and had left her box on the counter. It sat there, untouched, for hours. So, thinking (like most people would) that she was done, I proceeded to throw the box away. To my surprise, and hers, a few hours later she asked “Dad, have you seen my box of red hots?” I told her that I had thrown them away and she got very upset so I suggested in jest that next time she’s going to leave something out for hours to write me a note and let me know. A few hours later I came into the kitchen and found what you see in the picture below. Nice.