September 20, 2008

George Winston

Last night Joey and I had the rare treat of going to a George Winston piano concert in Provo (of all places.) He was performing his "Summer" tour at the Covey Center for the Performing Arts and played some selections from his "Winter into Spring" and "Summer" CD's, not to mention a few songs on his slack guitar and harmonica (amazing). This was especially fun for me because I had seen him in concert in Seattle nearly 20 years ago and I've wanted to see him again ever since. And, it was George Winston's music that helped inspire me back onto the piano bench after years and years of lessons that I didn't particulary enjoy. So to attend his concert now with Joey who is doing really well and loving piano was especially meaningful.

My top 5 favorite George Winston songs are:
1. Thanksgiving from "December"
2. Prelude from "December"
3. Sleep Baby Mine from "December"
4. The Cradle from "Forest"
5. Black Stallion from "Summer"