September 03, 2008

Count Joseph

We've always known that Joey was a math whiz but his most recent achievement has left us in awe, excited about the opportunities. Maddy had an orthodontist appointment yesterday and as she went to the back of the office, she saw a large picture of Joey's face on a poster announcing that he had won the August office competition. His guess of how many jelly beans were in a huge jar had been the closest, beating out hundreds of other entries. As you can see from Joey's entry slip, he guessed 550 and he ended up off by 8 - only a 1.5% variance.

For his reward, he received a coupon for a pizza and drink at a local restaurant. He may be thinking dinner, but we're thinking much, much bigger. Price is Right? I can see him calculating the odds of hitting exactly $1.00 on the spinning wheel or adding up numbers quickly in his head in the Showcase Showdown. Wheel of Fortune? He'd know exactly how much pressure to put on his spin to get $10,000 per letter. Deal or No Deal? He'd know the banker's offer before it was announced. Jeopardy? He'd know right where the daily double would be every time. Move over Ken Jennings. Who is "One smart kid?"