August 24, 2008

Lake Powell

Our family had a real treat a few weeks ago when we were invited by Jeni's uncle Terry and his family to join them for a week in Lake Powell. It had been nearly 8 years since we had been there and we were thrilled for the invite. Jeni and I had our own air conditioned bedroom on the houseboat so she was able to rest as needed and that made the trip perfect for her. It was such a great experience for us and we made so many memories. Some of our favorites included:

1. The houseboat - amazing. 6 bedrooms, a huge kitchen and family room, 3 bathrooms, 3 stories.

2. Olympic wars including jet-skis, swimming, jumping off the houseboat, ice cream eating (my event), crotch croquet (panty hose with one leg filled with an orange, hanging in front of you, and the other leg tied around you, and then using the hanging orange to try and hit another orange in front of you - thanks Cail for the hilarious idea!), and hill racing

3. Pulling Jeni and Maddy on the inner tube with Joey and I on the jet-ski

4. Tube wars - a water banana and 2 inner tubes trying to knock each other off while speeding around the lake

5. All the amazing meals coordinated by LeAnn, Terry's wife

6. Trying (unsuccessfully) to get up on a wakeboard and airchair (thanks Robert!) - I'll stick to ground sports. Below are pictures of Spencer on the wakeboard and Skylar on the airchair

7. Building sand sculptures

8. Trying to spray water at Bob going 40 mph on the jet ski and doing a backwards somersault into the water

9. Going to Rainbow Bridge with Joey on a day trip with the Ficklins

10. Jeni and Maddy getting matching rings on the way home at a trader shop

11. Joey going on the Jet-Ski with Steven and even driving

12. All of the kids and Jeni getting major sunburns

13. Maddy and Elise getting thrown off the Jet-Ski with Branden

14. Late night fires

15. Skylar, Tyson, Steve and Bob log wars

16. All the family and friends there

17. Steven's Lake Powell song

18. Still feeling dizzy two days after coming home

Thanks Terry and LeAnn for giving us such a great vacation.