August 19, 2008

Junior High

It's official. Maddy has grown up. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was starting Kindergarten and our hearts were breaking, wondering if we had taught her all she needed to know to be able to make it in this crazy world? Jeni and I had similar feelings today as Maddy started 7th Grade at the local Junior High. She was as excited as we were nervous and she loved every bit of it. I asked her what made today so great and here was her list.

1. Having your own locker
2. The food
3. Having more than one class and more than one teacher
4. The rush of getting to your next class
5. Especially the cute boys

Today was a "practice" day where only 7th Graders attended. She's off tomorrow and then joins the 8th and 9th Graders on Thursday. It seems like just yesterday when we were in Middle School ourselves with our own lockers, trying to remember how to find our classes and figuring out who you wanted to "go" with, whatever that meant!