July 29, 2008

Girls Camp

Maddy went to her first Young Women Girls Camp last week at Camp Koholowo and spent 3 days and 2 nights (shortened because of the 24th of July) with 13 Young Women from the ward. Interestingly, 12 of those were Beehives if that gives you any feel for the ward demographics.

Her favorite memory? When the Bishopric came up for a fireside testimony meeting. Least favorite memory? Cleaning the restroom for one of her chores (first picture below). Favorite game? Big Buddha (last picture).

Speaking of that game (aka, Big Booty), how does it spread across the church-wide Girls Camps like it does? It was played at the Girls Camp in our Las Vegas ward, our American Fork ward and I'm sure countless others. Is it in the Young Women manual? Maybe its like the jokes we told in elementary school only to hear them 30 years later, across the country out of your own children's mouths! But, I digress.