July 27, 2008

Fiesta Days Parade

One of the things we love most about living in a small suburban city like Spanish Fork is the hometown community feel. Even though the city has grown since we lived here the first time 10 years ago, it still is small enough to have just one grocery store, a few restaurants, a quaint, old-time main street and an annual Fiesta Days parade which occurs every 24th of July. Normally our family will find seats by the city library and watch the 100 or so parade entries from there, but this year Maddy and Joey were invited to sit on one of the floats and I was able to sit with the Craigs from Las Vegas who were in town for a family reunion.

The city will be hosting a kite festival and its producers are friends of the family so they asked if Maddy and Joey would sit on the back of their truck and fly kites during the parade. They had a great time although they both swore they would never watch Mary Poppins again after listening to "Let's Go Fly a Kite" for nearly two hours straight!