June 14, 2008

All You Can Eat

One of the fun traditions we had growing up was "All You Can Eat" nights, though these weren't the traditional trips to the local buffet (we did those too at the "Royal Fork" - what a name!). No, instead we would head to a grocery store and were allowed to buy whatever and as much of whatever we wanted for dinner, the only condition being that whatever we bought had to be eaten that same night. I remember feeling so excited, the whole store opening up to me like never before! Should I get a whole case of ice cream bars and a dozen doughnuts? Or what about a six pack of pop and an entire pizza? The possible combinations were almost too much for a young boy's mind. And no rules about fruits or vegetables - heaven!

This tradition is something that Jeni and I have continued from time to time over the years and one that Joey and I had fun with when Jeni and Maddy went out of town the other night. For the sake of confidentiality (and embarrassment), I won't share our spoils for the night but suffice it to say, we ate everything and it wasn't ALL sugary.