May 04, 2008


Call me crazy, but I find yardwork therapeutic. I love edging, mowing, not so fond of weeding, but most of all I love running the sprinklers when I’m done and watching the water cover the grass. I could honestly stand there for an hour just watching the sprinklers go back and forth.

Maybe my love for sprinkler systems goes back to my high-school days where I worked for a landscaping company on Mercer Island, Washington. I spent an entire summer digging trenches, laying sprinkler pipe, mowing lawns, bagging leaves, etc. I am reminded of this job every time I look at my right leg and see the long scar I earned during an encounter with an old piece of rusty rebar that summer. If you live in Seattle, having a sprinkler system is a luxury since there is so much rainfall. In Utah, however, having sprinklers is almost a must.

Winter in Utah has lasted far too long this year, in fact we had snow again last Monday. Temperatures are looking up though and this last Saturday I took advantage and worked on the yard. There’s nothing like a freshly cut lawn at the start of spring and watching the sprinklers run for the first time. If only I could figure out why my scar starts throbbing everytime they come on!