April 23, 2008

Street Show

Somehow while at Disneyland, Joey and I both got pulled into a “Dating Game” show in Frontier Village. I was bachelor #1 and Joey was bachelor #3 and before we saw the bride to be, we were all blindfolded. By the audience reaction and the bride’s voice, it was pretty clear that our “bride” was actually a man dressed up as a woman, even though we couldn’t see her / him.

Our first question was “If you were a desert animal, who would you be?” I was first and didn’t have much time to think so I said “Cougar,” named after my soccer team when I was in elementary school. Joey answered “Chicken” which I thought was pretty funny.

The second question was “What love song would you sing me if we were alone in the moonlight?” I thought hard, trying to think of something clever but the pressure was on and I completely choked. All I ended up with was “Unchained Melody” because Simon Cowell had recently said on American Idol that that was one of his favorite songs of all time. Jeni later told me I should have done “Dude looks like a Lady” by Aerosmith and Maddy even suggested “I Love You Just the Way you Are” by Billy Joel. Too bad they weren’t on the stage. Joey’s answer was hilarious - "Who Let the Dogs Out."

The last question was actually to give our best hog call. So I let out a big "Sooooeeeee" as did bachelor #2. Joey said “Come here porkchop!” They decided to let the audience vote on the winner and Joey won by a landslide. As soon as they took his blindfold off to introduce him to his new mate, he ran away screaming. Turns out his answers and his response were scripted with someone whispering in his ear what to say and do. It was a lot of fun and there are some pictures of it below. I’m glad I didn’t go into drama or show-business. I definitely don’t have Jeni, Maddy or Joey’s flair for performance. The lesson behind all of this - NEVER make eye contact with any performers at Disneyland.