April 30, 2008

Square Roots

The last two days have been very "toothy" for our family. Yesterday, Jeni had one of her molars extracted. About two years ago, she had a root canal performed in Houston and somehow the dentist left a piece of a metal tool embedded inside her tooth. He told us that the piece was probably about a centimeter long and that this happening is somewhat common. I'm not so sure about that - the pain it caused Jeni and the massive bacterial infection that spread into her jaw don't sound so common. Our good friend, former mission companion, and now Dentist, James Anderson, did the extraction and did a great job. The metal piece was much longer than what the first dentist had said it was, probably about an inch!

Today, Maddy had two of her baby teeth pulled since two of her permanent teeth are trying to get through and are having a hard time. That makes eight pulled teeth for Maddy, nearly the same amount I had to have pulled as a youth.

So if the tooth fairy loses a tooth, who cashes her out?