April 21, 2008


Disneyland is one of our favorite places on Earth and we’ve been fortunate to have spent many vacations there or at Disneyworld. I’m not sure what it is about the parks that appeal to us so much but there’s such a great atmosphere there – it really has been one of the happiest places on earth for us. So, what better place to go over our kids’ spring break! We drove to California, via Las Vegas, and spent 5 straight days enjoying Disneyland and the California Adventure Park next door. We could easily have stayed another 5 days. Some fun memories from this trip include…

1. Jeni joined us every day in the park and never needed a wheelchair!
2. Ro and Joey being pulled into a street show - embarrassing
3. Ro falling backwards over a railing into a pile of bushes
4. Eating dinner at the Bayou Café inside Pirates of the Caribbean
5. Maddy getting completely soaked head to foot on the river rapids
6. The kids getting their caricatures painted in watercolor
7. Joey playing with swords while talking to a girl classmate on his cell

Below are some pictures of the kids by the Main Gate, me and Joey enjoying our last treat before leaving, and Jeni by one of the rides.