April 22, 2008

The Craigs

We were so glad on our way to Disney to stop by and see our good friends, the Craigs. We’ve known Ken and Katie for nearly 8 years, having met them in Las Vegas through Church callings. Ken and I served in the Stake Young Men’s Presidency together and Jeni and Katie served together running the Stake Youth Choir. We’ve stayed close over the years and they are truly one of the great families you'll ever meet.

Katie is a certified midwife and has had almost all of her 5 children at home, home-schools them all and is an accomplished flautist and entertainer. Ken is incredibly witty and helped start a comedy group called The Garrens while at BYU, which is where he met Katie (she was also in the group.) Ken is one of the most humble, good natured, fun people you’ll ever meet and was recently called as Bishop of his ward in Las Vegas. If you’re looking for a stomach ache from laughing too hard, you have to read his blog (see the link above under Family and Friends).

Below are pictures of Jeni and Katie and of all of our children. We love you Craigs!