April 08, 2008


Soon after Jeni and I were married, she introduced me to the world of theater. Jeni had been a MDT (Music, Dance, Theater) major in college on scholarship and so she taught me the ins and outs of how it all worked with the on-Broadway shows, the traveling casts, etc. The first Broadway musical we saw together was Phantom of the Opera in Seattle. Tonight we took the kids to see the opening night of Annie which was amazing.

At intermission, Jeni struck up a conversation with some elderly ladies sitting beside her, one of whom happened to be Elder Wirthlin's sister! It amazes me how comfortable people feel talking to Jeni. During Spamalot we ended up sitting next to a girl who was in the cast and was taking the night off and she and Jeni talked for a while also.

Since our first show in Seattle, we've been able to enjoy the traveling casts of several others including the ones shown below.

I'm so grateful that Jeni exposed me to these shows as well as the soundtracks to several others that we've not yet seen together. My top 10 Broadway songs are, in order...

1. The I Love You Song, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
2. Prayer, The Scarlet Pimpernel
3. Lily's Eyes, The Secret Garden
4. Past the Point of No Return, Phantom
5. For Good, Wicked
6. Empty Chairs and Empty Tables, Les Miserables
7. Easy as Life, Aida
8. How Could I Ever Know, The Secret Garden
9. Some Things are Meant to Be, Little Women
10. Moon, Notre-Dame de Paris

If you are familiar with these and know of any others that you think we'd enjoy, let us know!