March 25, 2008


Growing up I remember my dad having immaculate writing. I remember marveling at how perfect his printing was, so straight it looked like it had been typed. I also remember my dad writing in different calligraphy fonts from time to time and I loved how the letters looked. His dad also had excellent handwriting and passed down to my dad the calligraphy book which he used.

As I grew up I patterned my printing after my dad's and rarely wrote in cursive. I also dabbled in calligraphy over the years but never really studied it or did much with it until this last year. Remembering how much I enjoyed looking at my dad's writing, I thought it would be fun to practice more so I purchased a "Calligrapher's Bible" and went to work learning several different fonts and techniques. Here's an example of one of my favorite fonts, Uncial.

It's been very enjoyable and after some encouragement from Jeni, I've decided to make it a little more than just a hobby. I've started a very small side business addressing envelopes in hand-drawn calligraphy for wedding invitations or other special events (ie, baby announcements, graduation announcements). To see my company website, click here.

So, I guess you could now say that I'm a 3rd Generation Calligrapher! Watch out Joey, you're next! It's in the genes!