March 25, 2008


Growing up I remember my dad having immaculate writing. I remember marveling at how perfect his printing was, so straight it looked like it had been typed. I also remember my dad writing in different calligraphy fonts from time to time and I loved how the letters looked. His dad also had excellent handwriting and passed down to my dad the calligraphy book which he used.

As I grew up I patterned my printing after my dad's and rarely wrote in cursive. I also dabbled in calligraphy over the years but never really studied it or did much with it until this last year. Remembering how much I enjoyed looking at my dad's writing, I thought it would be fun to practice more so I purchased a "Calligrapher's Bible" and went to work learning several different fonts and techniques. Here's an example of one of my favorite fonts, Uncial.

It's been very enjoyable and after some encouragement from Jeni, I've decided to make it a little more than just a hobby. I've started a very small side business addressing envelopes in hand-drawn calligraphy for wedding invitations or other special events (ie, baby announcements, graduation announcements). To see my company website, click here.

So, I guess you could now say that I'm a 3rd Generation Calligrapher! Watch out Joey, you're next! It's in the genes!

March 21, 2008

Peas and Potatoes

Our Sunday family tradition usually includes a roast (cooked in a crock-pot), gravy, carrots, mashed potatoes, peas, jello and rolls. Joey has started a new tradition of his own, however, which involves the odd combination of peas and potatoes. He'll make a giant heap of mashed potatoes on his plate and then mix in a very large portion of peas. I'm not quite sure how he got from gravy to peas but veggies are veggies!

March 16, 2008

I Love to see the Temple

About 2 years ago, a General Conference talk by Elder Ronald Rasband made a deep impression on Jeni and me. In that talk, Elder Rasband shared an experience about going to the temple with his 17 year old son for the first time and the son asking "Dad, why haven't we ever done this before?" (Ronald A. Rasband, “Our Rising Generation,” Ensign, May 2006, 46–48). Jeni and I decided that when Maddy and Joey were old enough, even though there would be ward youth temple trips, we wanted to take them to the Temple ourselves as often as we could.

Yesterday, Jeni and I went for the first time with Maddy and it was a wonderful experience for all of us. Below is a picture of us outside the Provo Temple before we went in, and the second is one of just Maddy as we were leaving.

March 09, 2008

Kidz Bop

Maddy has had a fun opportunity the last few weeks to do some professional recording with her group from Center Stage for an upcoming Kidz Bop album, a tribute to ABBA including many of the songs from the Mamma Mia! soundtrack. So far they've only finished 4 of the 16 tracks but they're having a great time.

If you're not familiar with Kidz Bop CD's, they are recordings of the popular songs of the day sung entirely by kids. Maddy's group at Center Stage was picked by the producers to do the new album and its been a great experience for her. We're looking forward to the release of the CD and will let you know when they become available!
Two Peas in a Pod

When we moved to Utah a few years into our marriage, we bought our first house in a new neighborhood by the local high school. While talking to the real estate agent one day, we met another couple who had a daughter named Madisen who was just a few weeks older than Madelyn. Over time we became very good friends with them and the girls loved to play together. Then Madisen's mom became pregnant about the same time as Jeni and they each delivered baby boys within a few days of each other. Needless to say, Joey and their son Tyler became very close as well. We are so grateful for the friendship with this family that has endured through all the years. The kids have all stayed very close and its fun to see them all grow up together.

Below are some pictures of these peas in a pod. The first is from a few weeks ago, and the collage is from a few years ago.

March 01, 2008

All that Jazz

Last week Joey and I went to a Utah Jazz game, courtesy of some friends who had given us two of their season tickets. The Jazz played the Atlanta Hawks and it was a great game which the Jazz squeaked out at the end. Our seats were wonderful, about 15 rows from the court.

The halftime entertainment was amazing. An acrobatic lady rode around the court on a very tall unicycle and kicked ceramic bowls from her foot onto her head, first one, then two, then three at a time. It was straight out of Dr. Suess! I was able to videotape her final kick of five bowls and have attached it here. Crazy!