February 09, 2008

The Zoo

Ever since we can remember, Maddy has been asking for a pet of her own. Our first dog, Gizmo, technically was a gift for her but it soon became all of ours. Our current dog, Baxter, was a gift for Jeni but now he is all of ours as well. By all of ours, I mean to say that we all have responsibility for taking him out, feeding, bathing, etc. Needless to say, Maddy's requests for a pet of her own have continued. It didn't help matters that recently one of her friends got a guinea pig and couldn't stop talking about it. So, Jeni and I agreed that maybe it was time.

We headed to PetSmart to check things out and came very close to buying a pet rat. Supposedly they are very smart, need very little care, and can whip up a gourmet French dish in seconds flat. Eventually Maddy decided on a guinea pig and found an adorable little guy that she named Rocky because he looks like he has a big black eye. I was rooting for the rat because I needed some advice on how to perfect my foie gras. I lost.

Then, feeling a little bit left out, Joey petitioned successfully for a pet of his own and we ended up with a tank full of fish. Joey named them Larry, Curly and Moe and he soon added a few more as well as a mini frog. He set up the aquarium by himself, design and all. He even built the bookcase that the aquarium sits on.

So in the space of one year we have grown from a family of 4 to a family 12. Help!