February 17, 2008


To say that our family loves playing games is an understatement. Mix Jeni's desire to have quality family time with my competitive nature and you end up with Saturday night game night! Family favorites include UNO attack, Apples to Apples, Who What Where, Beyond Balderdash, General Knowledge, Malarky, and Mormon Mouthful to name a few.

One of the fun new games we stumbled onto was "LOOT," a pirate card game for up to 4 players or 4 teams. It has quickly become one of our favorites.

"Yo-Ho-Ho and a Barrel of Fun! Set sail for an exciting adventure of strategy and skullduggery in this captivating card game. Storm your opponents' merchant ships and seize valuable treasure. But watch your back, matey! Plundering pirates are out to capture your ships as well! The player with the most loot rules the high seas."

If you get a chance, definitely pick up a set. The lowest price we've found is on Amazon for under $10.

Disclaimer - no Shearers will profit from the sale of any Loot sets. However, buying a set and playing it WILL prepare you for battle the next time we meet!