February 11, 2008

C.S. Lewis

I have always been a C.S. Lewis fan, having read the Chronicles of Narnia many years ago. Having become more familiar in recent years with his religious writings, I am even more so. Though he has been quoted many times by the General Authorities of the Church and I've heard him referenced somewhat in jest as "The Thirteenth Apostle", its only been recently that I've begun reading his writings for myself.

I am fascinated by the ease at which he turns Christian principles and doctrines into practical, every-day teachings that can be understood and then applied. Elder Neal A. Maxwell, one of my favorite Apostles (if you're allowed to have favorites), quoted from him regularly and was a devoted Lewis reader. Elder Dallin H. Oaks once shared that the most significant talks he heard during his service at BYU had one major characteristic. "Instead of providing new facts or advocating a particular position, as many lectures do, the most significant talks changed the listeners’ way of thinking about an important subject." (Timing, BYU Devotional, 01/29/02). To me, that is exactly what C.S. Lewis does time and time again.

This Christmas, Jeni surprised me with some new compliations of C.S. Lewis' writings which I have so enjoyed. I thought it might be fun to add a section to this blog highlighting some of my favorite quotes so you'll see that new section soon. I'll probably update the thoughts every few weeks or so. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have.