January 05, 2008


When we lived in Las Vegas, Jeni talked me into adding a dog to the family. Two of Jeni's siblings already had Shih-Tzus and she liked their size, how cute they were, and that they didn't shed, so we found a breeder and added a cute black and white puppy named Gizmo to our family.

Gizmo was with us for four years and weighed 7 pounds, and that was after a big breakfast. We had a lot of fun with him and he was very easy to have around. There were only two issues we ever had with him. First, he snored incredibly loud for something that small! And second, he was a wanderer, which led to his demise. Over the years he had run away countless times but we always managed to find him. In Houston, we weren't as lucky. It was such a loss to our family that we didn't rush out to replace him.

After Jeni's recovery last year, she was ready for a new dog so we found a local Shih-Tzu breeder. We were given papers showing that the puppies were pure-bred so we added a new member of family, Baxter. Everything started off fine and Jeni's sister Rebecca even purchased one of his brothers, Sam. As time has passed and as cute and cuddly as they both were, both started to develop interesting traits. Sam (otherwise known as "P-dog") has urinary incontinence, but he resembles Gizmo and has stayed under 10 pounds. Baxter, on the other hand, lacks the laziness, look and weight of a Shih-Tzu. In fact, he looked so much like a St. Bernard, that we almost named him "Bernie." Today he weighs nearly 20 pounds and is full of energy and personality.

Watch the video below and you be the judge. Shih-Tzu, St. Bernard or some strange combination? Either way, we have come to really adore our What-Tzu.