January 11, 2008

Tilapia with Pineapple and Vanilla

While visiting Kansas City on business a few weeks ago, I ate at the Cheesecake Factory and got my absolute favorite dish there, the Miso Salmon. This week I was craving the dish again and unfortunately there is only one Cheesecake Factory in Utah. It is in Murray and is so popular its not uncommon for 2-3 hour waits. Plus, its about 45 minutes from our home so I thought I'd see what I could do on my own.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any Salmon or Miso and didn't have time to run to the store. After 30 minutes of pouting and 30 minutes of trying to recall whether or not Iron Chef ever did a show using Tilapia (the only fish I had in the house), I convinced myself I could make something just as good as Miso Salmon (if not better.)

Here's what I did - I formed a bed of white rice, added a grilled pineapple and topped it all with the Tilapia basted with pineapple juice. Then, I poured a generous serving of a pineapple vanilla reduction over the whole thing. After a dash of parsley, it was finished. Ok, so it wasn't as great as the Miso Salmon and I definitely was not as organized as the Iron Chefs (the fish was cold by the time the reduction was done), but I thought it tasted pretty good.

I've left 10 messages with the Cheesecake Factory to have them replace the Miso Salmon with my dish but nobody is calling me back. From now on, every time I eat there I'll ask for the Tilapia with Pineapple and Vanilla and I'll make a big scene about them not having it on their menu and that all the classy restaurants these days have it. Then I'll look disgusted as I'm "forced" to order the Miso Salmon.