January 03, 2008


I enjoy life and there are certain things in life I enjoy more than others. At the top of my list would definitely be the Gospel, then the relationship I have with Jeni, Maddy and Joey, and then in a close third would have to be egg nog.

A few years ago as our family celebrated the Holidays at Jeni's parents in Missouri, Jeni's brother Scott and I brought in the New Year with a new tradition - an egg-nog-a-thon! We sat apart from each other on New Year's Eve at a table with very small, shot-glass like cups in front of us and the competition was on. The winner? The one who could drink the most egg nog in one sitting. No leaving the table, no restroom breaks, and the egg nog had to remain in your body until the competition was over. I won that year after Scott put up a valiant fight but after about 15 rounds bolted to the restroom.

Last year nobody would challenge me so I won by default.

This year, on the 3rd anniversary of the inaugural event, I found my match in the person of Kelly Woodbrey, our good friend and also our Bishop. Kelly and I are similar in many ways - we both taught seminary, we both work in HR (Kelly for the Church), we are both fiercely competitive, and we both love egg-nog! So on New Year's Eve as our families celebrated together, Kelly and I sat down with a gallon of egg nog in front of us and our small glasses and the race was on. I started getting nervous after about the 20th round as Kelly looked completely unphased, ready for more and I was starting to get pale and pasty. Thankfully, after consuming nearly 80 fat grams, 1600 calories, 500 mg of cholesterol and 160 grams of carbs EACH, we decided to call it a tie in the name of "wanting to be able to enjoy all the rest of the food everyone brought."

So after 3 years I am 2-0-1, which is ironic because that's probably the same number of pounds I will gain over the years if I continue this craziness!