January 16, 2008

Behind the Wheel

A few days ago as I was getting ready to take Maddy somewhere, I came out to the garage and was greeted by this scene. Frightening! You can see the excitement on Maddy's face as if we were actually going to let her drive.

For many years I've let the kids drive to Church (steer) while sitting on my lap. They're both too big to do that now so Maddy probably figured she'd take the next step. Thankfully the keys were in my hand or we would have found her backed into the fence. She's so anxious to grow up and she's even got her first car picked out - a bright yellow Hummer. Keep dreaming Maddy, keep dreaming. In fact if this behavior continues she will be lucky to be driving at 18.

And as far as a car....Jeni and I are trying to locate my '86 Volkswagen Rabbit (that was a hoppin' car), or even better maybe we can find Jeni's high school infamous Station Wagon, wood paneling and all (hopefully it's been reglued by now.)