December 28, 2007

Scene 2, Act 2

Hi it's Jeni. Ok, so Ro is enjoying this blog thing way too much. Sometimes I get on the blog just to check out what I have been up to lately. How embarrassing...(Joey in my pj's). Soo, I have decided to write one of my own. My version of things are always more accurate anyway.

Our 13th year anniversary this year was amazing. As you can see from the earilier blog we had some amazing food! Yes, that was fun to have the camera out every time the waitress came, but how could I be mad, the day was planned so well. Ro put on quite a show.

We began the day early so we stopped in at Mimi's Cafe (one of my favorite) for a salad. After being seated, Ro surprised me with a gift. It was our marriage certificate! That was exciting because after so many moves we had decided it was just lost - we had looked everywhere. I told him it was ok he could move on, but he said he wasn't sick of me yet and would stick around. Then by some miracle he found it! He surprised me with it and I got a little emotional. The waitress came over and saw the marriage certificate and asked if we just got married. Ro shared the story and how we had lost the certificate several years before and right before our eyes she burst into tears! Ok, well not burst but close. "Oh how sweet, he framed it and wrapped it. You should be husband of the year." She went on and on and caused quite a scene - I am suprised Ro didn't take a picture.

Then later that night when we were at La Caille (did I mention it was amazing?), Ro had 13 red roses waiting at our table when we sat down. Then, he pulled out this little box. I ya your present was just too big to bring in here so... um I'll have to um give it to you when we um... Anyway, inside the box was the prettiest diamond necklace. I was so excited that when our waitress came over I had to show her. She asked a few questions about our anniversary and before long she knew about how my vacation this year almost became permanent and how Ro was trying to do something extra special. Yep, you guessed it, tears began to well up and before long our waitress was wiping her eyes and excused herself. At this point I felt it necessary to tell Ro to keep quiet.

The rest of the night was great. We rode in a carriage around Salt Lake and shopped (Ro's favorite thing to do - not). It was one great date! I am so impressed that just thinking about the day brings tears to my eyes.