December 19, 2007

La Caille

With my recent passion for gourmet cooking, I was excited to go to La Caille, Utah's top French restaurant, for Jeni and my 13th Wedding Anniversary. French for 'The Quail', La Caille is nestled stream-side in the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon and has won 12 consecutive AAA Four Diamond Awards. It sits on over 20 acres of beautiful property and it was all lit up for Christmas.

I think Jeni is going to write about the Anniversary part later so I'll focus this entry on the restaurant and the food. Yum! Next to each picture in red will be the description of our food from the menu and then following you'll see my take on it. I'm sure Jeni didn't think it was very romantic to have me pulling the camera out every time a new dish came out but I couldn't help myself. She's been putting up with me for 13 years for which I'm very grateful.

The Entrance
This was the front entrance of the restaurant, amazingly decorated as you can see. We wish we could have arrived earlier in the day to see the rest of the grounds but just the lights around the restaurant were worth it. The restaurant was way up in the foothills so there wasn't anything else around which made for a very romantic setting, plus it was snowing!

Paté D' Jour
The finest French Paté selection served with onion, aioliand toasted baguette. Paté is French for paste and the Paté here were varieties of goose, duck and some other kind of liver. It reminded me of Braunschweiger, a paste I ate growing up. Delicious!

Shaomai Dumplings
Vegetable filled dumplings served in a warm chinois broth with slurping noodles. The dumplings were very much like traditional potstickers but a little more crisp. The broth was a bit spicy and the noodles started firm but softened up . We didn't dare slurp them, but I wanted to!

Roquefort Salad
Crisp Romaine Hearts, Roquefort and Asiago. This was a great salad, especially because of the crumbled Roquefort but the presentation was fun too. The asiago dressing was tangy and a bit tart.

Avocado Salad
Avocado, Crab and Grapefruit Salad. The presentation on this one was amazing with the very thinly sliced avocado forming the foundation. The grapefruit and crab combo was a great taste!

Tournedos du Beef Béarnaise
Grilled Tenderloin tips with Bearnaise and Portabella Mushroom. This was my dinner and it was amazing. The meat was incredibly tender and the Bearnaise sauce (similar to Hollandaise) put it over the top. The mushrooms were very tasty too as were the potatoes au gratin.

Filet Cafe de Paris
Charbroiled Filet Mignon, Roquefort and a sauce of Armagnac & moutard. This was Jen's dinner and I had to try a bit of course. The meat was the best I've ever tasted and it was topped with an amazing Roquefort butter.

Trio of La Caille Desserts
A miniature sampling of our favorite desserts: Creme Brulee, Chocolate Chantilly Cake & Baked Alaska. A perfect end to a perfect, once every 13 year meal.