November 20, 2007

Family Home Evening

A few months ago, Jeni felt impressed to put together a year's worth of sequential Family Night topics and it has been a great blessing to our family.

Things went really well the first few weeks and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves... until the topic one Monday night was "The Ten Commandments." We thought it would be fun to do a scripture chase and see who could find them in Exodus the fastest.

We started the race with "Find the 10 Commandments!" and both Maddie and Joey just sat there looking at each other, scriptures on their laps. After a few uncomfortable moments and glances back and forth, one of them spoke up for both and protested saying "Do we have to find ALL of them? That will take forever!"

Evidently the story of Moses in Exodus 20 had been forgotten. So much for our great teaching abilities!